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Welcome to the English language website of

Psychological Institute
for Human Rights,
and Development
Our aim is to contribute towards the
common good and support
general public interests concerning public health
and personal and organisational
based on scientific research
in the field of psychology.
This institute is dedicated to the support of
democracy and education.

It is preparing the path to a fair global society order
based on the Charter of the United Nations
and its vision of worldwide prosperity and peace.
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The institute is based in Germany.
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The English language website was created in October 2015
to provide and publish information and articles in English.

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International cooperation helps overcome current challenges in Europe

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3. How to manage the EU crisis
Optimising the quality of living through efficient, democratic management strategies

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4. Don’t worry, be happy.
The Brexit decision delivers the clarity we need – assisted by the legal situation.

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Free downloads of all articles provided on this website are available in one of the following categories:

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